All Alpha Regalia Royal Cloaks Are Handmade In The USA

Queen's Royal Cloak (Blue)

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Standard Features

  • Available in 7 colors (Red, Burgundy, Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Gold)
  • All high-quality velvet exterior
  • Completely lined in either white or gold satin
  • All seams are triple stitched for extra durability
  • 4” wide faux ermine fur trim along the bottom edge
  • 12” long faux ermine fur caplet with white satin on the underside
  • 20mm wide, diamond cut closure chain anchored by 2- Lion’s head medallions

 Ships in 2-3 business days

***Suggested Cloak Length will hang down approximately to the  ankles

Wearer's Height

Suggested Cloak Length

5'0" (153cm)


5'2" (158cm)


5'4" (163cm)


5'6" (168cm)


5'8" (173cm)


5'10" (178cm)


6'0" (183cm)


6'2" (188cm)


6'4" (193cm)


6'6" (198cm)


6'8" (203cm)


6'10" (208cm)


7'0" (213cm)



        This queen's cloak, queen's cape, coronation robe was inspired by some of the beautiful and elaborate coronation robes worn by royalty throughout history. No detail was overlooked in the design and construction of this high-quality luxurious item. The faux ermine fur used on this robe is designed and created exclusively by Alpha Regalia to look and feel as close as possible to the actual ermine fur that has been used on authentic royal robes for centuries. The faux ermine fur on this robe is nothing like the thin and flimsy fur that is commonly found on inexpensive Halloween costumes.  With a 25mm pile this faux fur is both dense and extremely soft to the touch.


        All of our hand crafted robes have a high-quality velvet exterior, and are completely lined in either white or gold satin.  Being true to careful detail in the design, even the faux ermine caplet has white satin on the underside. This robe is designed to be "one size fits most" in terms of width, and there is a wide variety of options to choose from for the overall length. There are 2 lion’s head medallions sewn directly through the fur caplet, with heavy duty thread that function as anchors for the closure chain and clasp. The closure chain is 20mm gold plated, diamond cut chain with a swivel clasp on one end for quick and easy fastening. Use it as a high quality costume, or to command adoration at various events, even use it as the key accessory to your royal themed wedding. Regardless of where this majestic queen's cloak is worn, you will truly feel like royalty while wearing it. You will be the envy of all who see you wearing this superior quality Alpha Regalia original series royal queen's cloak, queen's cape, coronation robe.

Velvet and Satin:   DRY CLEAN ONLY

Faux ermine fur:   HAND WASH ONLY