All Alpha Regalia Royal Cloaks Are Handmade In The USA

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Customer Reviews

-Jacob Blackmon- The pictures do not do it justice!! It was exactly what I wanted and amazing quality! Thank you so much!

-luciuswinston12- Fantastic item. Was the highlight of my wedding. Alpha Regalia is a pleasure to work with! Without a doubt would recommend.

-carolyn- It was exactly as described and looked great in the photos. (It was also extremely warm... our photo shoot was on a beach in Sweden in December and I didn't need a coat under it)

-Mike Walsh- I ordered this robe to complete my King George III costume. It is probably finest costume piece I have ever experienced. The weight of it, the beautiful materials, and the excellent craftsmanship make this robe an heirloom quality garment.

-James Kranz- The king and queen robe set is all that we hoped for and more. Beautiful craftsmanship!!